Actress Mireia Mambo, who starred in the musical throughout Spain, “SISTER ACT”, he joined the cast of the series "SERVE AND PROTECT" on TVE sobremesas.

Bika (Mireia Mambo) is the ex-girlfriend of Rober (Juanjo Ballesta) and it reappears after a while ended their relationship. At first nothing happens between them, but where there was fire ...

Bika is a singer and decided to terminate its relationship with Rober by the difference of opinions between them to where they wanted to run their lives. Bika was the neighborhood is small and their musical interests, He is a singer and artist by definition, you make the decision to break with your partner and start her musical career as a performer and composer away from him.

But fate makes meet again and decide to do a concert at the bar "LA PARRA", some things change.